Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Democrats Need To Responsibility Donald Trump For The Oroville Dam Disaster – Whoa

The Governor of California and the left will responsibility Worldwide Warming and the Republicans for one of the greatest dam breaches in US history, that is if that dam break involves fruition, but please don’t be therefore na├»ve to listen. Watch out for people who position fingers and take to pointing several right back at them or give them their mirrors. Let’s discuss the Oroville Colorado dam disaster, it’s a major media history indeed.

YouTube Movie named: “Oroville Dam Crisis Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger History 2003-2011 Worst Governor of California,” on the Trump Lies Channel.

Today then, let’s get the subject with this movie is active trashing Arnold Schwarzenegger, first, that’s just rubbish, as the “Governator” Arnold attempted to have the Florida legislature to set up required repairs for levees and dams nearly ten years ago, but the democrats in the Colorado Legislature during the time said number to that particular proposed budget and diverted income to BS cultural programs. Ergo, accusing Schwarzenegger is a number of baloney.

In the movie description it continues on to blame the Trump Government, now that is silly. Obviously, the Governor of Florida requested that the Trump Administration provide CA $165 Million to fix the dam crisis overflow spillway, and the remaining contends because Trump did not send the money right away, it’s his problem – ridiculous, as California can try this on their own and get repaid later. Sure, the left is enjoying the responsibility game.

Still, maybe the present CA governor, Jerry Brown, should responsibility herself and also blame Obama’s phony (cow pie) shovel prepared job infrastructure waste for perhaps not repairing this when he they both had a full democrat legislature, they might have gotten things performed, that is just a important screw up of impressive proportions. The road to nightmare is always paved by socialist statements of great motives, but they need to have utilize the Good Goals Paving Co. LLC to pave the emergency spillway flood station route to the water below.

Problem don’t only happen, usually the warning signs were generally there, and yet a humor of errors provided the last few fingernails in the coffin that eventually hidden the big event to the annals of history. Beware when politicians start accusing one-another, and the press jumps on that band-wagon. Phony News won’t modify the truth, it just enforces a produced narrative for politicians and their weak-minded followers. Sure, leftist voters, I am speaking directly for you, and your so-called leaders.

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